Association analysis is useful for discovering interesting relationship hidden in large data sets. The uncovered relationships can be represented in the form of association rules or sets of frequent items. Consider the following dataset

1{Bread, Milk}
2{Bread, Diapers, Beer, Eggs}
3{Milk, Diapers, Beer, Cola}
4{Bread, Milk, Diapers, Beer}
5{Bread, Milk, Diapers, Cola}

The following rule can be extracted from the above dataset.

$$\{ Diapers \} \rightarrow \{Beer\}$$

This rule suggests that a stronger relationship exists between the sale of diapers and beer because many customers who buy diapers also buy beer. Retailers can use this type of rule to help them identify new opportunities for cross selling their products to the customers.


  • Bioinformatics
  • medical diagnosis
  • Web mining
  • Scientific data analysis